On June 1st, President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.

He was right to do so.

Paris accord supporters were always deluding themselves about China's commitments to reduce carbon emissions. As I explained, they "cite China's reduced coal usage as evidence of its seriousness about the process. Unfortunately, their assumption rests on the reliability of Chinese government data." That data, I suggested, was not reliable.

I was correct. On Tuesday, a BBC investigation outlined massive data flaws that undercut the very essence of the Paris climate accord.

China and India, respectively the world's top and fourth highest carbon emitters, are vastly under-recording their emissions. The BBC notes that "levels of some emissions from India and China are so uncertain that experts say their records are plus or minus 100%."

I'm going to venture that their records are far more likely to be "minus 100%" of their actual emissions, than "plus 100%."

Seeing as China emits twice as much carbon as any other nation, that data differential is a pretty big problem.

But it gets more absurd. After all, the BBC has found that China simply denies the existence of scientifically measured carbon emissions. As one scientist put it, "We still see 10,000-20,000 tonnes coming out of China every year. That is something that shouldn't be there. There is actually no Chinese inventory for these gases, as they are banned and industry shouldn't be releasing them anymore."

Of course, it's not terribly hard to understand what's going on here. China, in particular, has been systematically lying about its carbon emissions. But instead of calling Chinese leaders out for their deception, most of the international community and the media have jumped through the looking glass. As I've argued, this carbon obsession means liberal elites now "fawn over communist authoritarians." The Paris accord is the created reality Orwell could only dream of.

There's a simple truth here: In the end, the Paris accord was never about serious policy, it was always about political pretense.

Trump was wrong about one thing here.

The Paris accord isn't just a bad deal, it's a fake deal.