The abortion lobby is afraid. Tuesday, the House of Representatives will vote on a common-sense bill that is supported by the vast majority of the country, and by women in even greater numbers than men. Yet, the profit-driven industry can't afford to allow this popular measure to pass as it so clearly illustrates the violence inherent in abortion -- to both women and their pre-born children. Ironically, for those complaining about the lack of bipartisan agreement, look no further than the national consensus that after 5 months (or 20 weeks), abortion should be severely limited.

Having given birth to four children myself, it's clear that the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is common sense in its most basic form. Biological reality proves that babies can feel pain at 5 months. The tools and techniques used to commit abortions at that stage in a pregnancy are both extremely gruesome and painful, involving poisons, dismemberment, and forced delivery.

But that's not only my view.

Multiple national surveys indicate that the majority of Americans support this law, and the Pro-Life Generation (Generation Z and millennials whom I work with every day at Students for Life), support it by double digits. As more and more people are educated on the scientific evidence that shows that babies at this stage do experience pain, those numbers increase. Also important to note, abortion becomes significantly more dangerous for women the later in pregnancy it takes place, which is why the U.S. stands almost alone in the world for allowing such a horrific procedure.

Currently, the United States is one of seven countries in the world that allow abortions after 20 weeks. The other countries include China, North Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam. These aren't countries that are considered shining examples of human rights. In fact, the ultra-liberal Amnesty International have flagged each of these four countries for extreme human rights violations.

America deserves better than to be a part of this list of bad actors, and we should know better. The medical advancements of our nation gives us a window into the womb never before imagined, providing 3D, 4D, and even HD ultrasounds. Consider that for most of us, the first picture in every baby book is a sonogram.

With laws against animal cruelty in place, it's obvious that government agents would step in if pets or livestock were subjected to the kind of gruesome procedure used to end a life after 5 months. But as of today, we don't offer protection from forced pain and cruelty to the preborn. My organization, Students for Life of America, will continue to stand on the side of the innocent. We will continue to educate our nation on the barbaric violence that is abortion. We will continue to mobilize members of our pro-life generation to stand up for the preborn and hold our elected officials accountable.

Passage of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is an important first step, but that is all this bill is. It is a first step. Students for Life, and the pro-life movement, will not rest until we abolish abortion and give every child, born or preborn, the chance to live.

Kristan Hawkins (@KristanHawkins) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. She is president of Students for Life of America.

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