It was the marathon handshake that television anchors and political pundits could not stop talking about.

President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron's physical handshakes have made news in the past, but the 29-second encounter at Friday's Bastille Day parade in Paris was analyzed frame-by-frame by the major networks.

Some even called the interaction as if it were a horse race.

"And let's go to the video tape," host Katy Tur announced on "MSNBC Live." "You will see Macron going in, reaching in first for the handshake. They're shaking. It's a normal handshake. They are not letting go."

"Donald Trump patting on the top, oh still shaking, pulling, Macron's off balance," Tur added. "He's off his feet. He's regained his composure. A pat on the back. They are still shaking, folks."

CNN gave the grip its classic countdown treatment.

Even Fox News got in on the fun.

"Look's like they are still together," "America's Newsroom" anchor Shannon Bream narrated. "Still together. Now, it's clenched. It's moved to the chest area. Some back and forth. Now still maintaining the handshake, giving a little kiss, another handshake now to President Macron's wife [Brigitte]."

Bream continued, "Now, the two first ladies begin their own handshake and that one's rather extended too."

The parade capped off a glamorous two-day trip to France for the first couple, meant to commemorate 100 years since the U.S. entered World War I and cement ties between the two world leaders.