During the breach of the barricades blocking the World War II memorial Wednesday, Marine Corps veteran Lance Frye hoisted a sign that read, "Mr. President -- Congress tear down this wall!"

Frye, a resident of Woodbridge, Va., said he was determined to show his support for the World War II veterans after reading about the upcoming event on Facebook.

"I decided to come up and support them and, if we can't get the barricades torn down, at least we can shake their hand and let them know that we're grateful for their service," he said.

Frye took the day off from his custom furniture company, called Knock on Wood, to join the veterans on the National Mall.

He was joined by one of his employees, Joe Lee, who carried an American flag. Lee said he was eager to join his boss.

"He was like, 'Well, we're not going to work today, I'm going to stand up for the World War II veterans,'" recalled Lee. "I decided to join him."

When I asked Frye how long he was in the Marine Corps, he smiled and repeated a familiar retort: "All day."