Nothing screams "America" as much as fireworks, the Stars and Stripes and hot dogs around the Fourth of July, but don't forget how much Americans love to be the best.

So here's a question: What's the best — or most patriotic — state in the union?

An analysis from WalletHub ranked every state on their "patriotic" scale, considering 13 metrics across two categories: military engagement and civic engagement.

States could earn up to 50 points in subcategories of military engagement like "average number of military enlistees per 1,000 civilian adults population" and "veterans per 1,000 civilian adult population." They could also earn 50 points in for civic engagement with subcategories that included "share of adults who voted in 2016 presidential election," "volunteer rate" and "Peace Corps volunteers per capita."

The analysis found that Virginia is the most patriotic state in the Union, with a score of 70.55.

Rounding out the top five after Virginia: Alaska, Wyoming, South Carolina and Colorado.

With a score of 27.46, New Jersey ranked as the least patriotic state in America.

Below are more stats about the top and bottom states for military service and civic engagement.