Did you know Google reads every word of every Gmail message you send? Do you have even the faintest idea what are Buckyballs? What’s the absolute last thing you’d expect a Hollywood actor and the guy with the dirtiest job to have in common?

Keep reading, because answers to those and 11 more questions are below — because I read the next page, and you didn’t. You’re welcome.


» Should you blame McDonald’s for higher food prices? Chris Morran of Consumerist looks at the case for Mighty Wings.

» Internet is killing newspapers and printed books, so how about Bible-reading? Barna Group survey results will likely surprise you.


» Speaking of McDonald's, remember the guy who ate junk food for a month? Lee Habeeb discusses at NRO why the guy’s gut wasn’t the only thing that got fat and why.

» How can it be true that nearly half of home buyers now pay with cash? Quentin Fottrell of MarketWatch says it’s not a good sign for economic recovery.

» What the devil are Buckyballs and what’s the Consumer Product Safety Commission got against them? The Wall Street Journal’s Sohrab Ahmari details what happens to the guy who challenged the Nanny State. 


» Have the jack-booted thugs returned to Germany? The Home School Legal Defense Association has details of a shocking case that MSMers couldn’t be bothered to report.

» Blame America Crowd discovers obesity as an international problem? John Norris has all the details at Foreign Policy.

» If you loved “Treasure Island” as a kid, will you love it as an adult when it’s a movie? Film School Rejects’ Nathan Adams has a gem of a report.


» Does the world really need watches that make telephone calls? CNN’s Doug Gross compares Galaxy’s newest entry to its established rivals.

» Never see enough home runs? Grantland’s Jonah Keri put together a lengthy montage of video clips of the longest dingers in modern MLB history.

» OK, do you know what the fox says? Gawker claims this is “the song of the summer.”


» What can actor Ashton Kutcher or Mike “Dirty Jobs” Rowe teach Gen-Xers, Millennials about getting ahead? Quite a bit actually, according to Action Institute’s Jordan Ballor.

» You do know that Google scans every word of your Gmail, don’t you? You need to read AP’s Martha Mendoza.

» It’s back-to-school season — have you checked where your state ranks on the Parent Power Index? It’s from the Center for Education Reform, and it’s an enlightening look at the state of public education reform.