Finally! The weekend is here. You have some time to just sit and collect your thoughts after another synapse-crushing week.

That also means it’s time to catch up on those 15 great stories you missed because you didn’t have time to go to the next page.

Not only are they important stories, they offer unique, thoughtful insights about things we all care about. Best of all, they're well-written, which means you will enjoy the reading.


•	Ever see block after block of abandoned mansions? Wired's Lyra Kilston has. Well, actually, Michael Light has, but Kilston has the story behind the photos.

•	Did terrorists elements get their hands on exotic U.S. military equipment in Libya? Adam Housley of Fox News says yes.

•	Did Obama and Kerry speak opposite messages on Syria with their body language? The American Interest's Adam Garfinkle has the translation.


•	Who needs a financial adviser when everything you ever needed to know to manage your money is on this 4X6 card? The Washington Post's Ezra Klein shares it with the rest of us.

•	Why are school kids taking fewer field trips? A trio of EducationNext reporters look at the whys and wherefores.

•	Don't know who Rolland Story is? Then you don't know the real Ted Cruz. The Weekly Standard's Andrew Ferguson went beyond the call to get this story.


•	How old do you think the phrase “follow your passion” is? Cal Newport at the Harvard Business Review consults Google's N-gram Viewer.

•	Can it really be true that Netflix chooses content based on what's popular among digital pirates? Yes, it is, according to Variety's Todd Spangler.

•	$3.2 billion? Yes, the wages of sin can be costly, indeed. Daily Finance's Rick Aristotle Munarraz tells how a prostitution sting could bring down a mammoth hedge fund.


•	If Terry McAuliffe wins Virginia's gubernatorial race, should he thank Libertarian Party nominee Robert Sarvis? Latest Quinnipiac Poll says yes.

•	Have you done the DNA double-take yet? Carl Zimmer of the New York Times shines light on the many genomes we all have within us.

•	Ya think? Now even Warren Buffet thinks it’s time to scrap Obamacare and start over, according to Money Morning.


•	Which candidate thinks being Irish Catholic and knowing how to booze-schmooze qualifies him to be governor of a major state? David Freddoso of Conservative Intelligence Briefing has the inside story.

•	How does your state rank on median household income? If you live in California, Texas, Florida, Virginia or New York, you will especially like Melissa Maynard's report for Pew Trust's Stateline.

•	When did cutting the grass become a bridge too far for our kids? The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway has one of the best pieces of the year on overprotective parents.

Mark Tapscott is executive editor of the Washington Examiner.