Here's the thing about the Internet for news junkies — there are so many digital news outlets just a mouse click away, but who's got time to read them all? Nobody, that's who!

So in the Washington Examiner's never-ending obsession with helping readers make sense of it all, herewith is the latest installment of what is hoped to be a staple of everybody's Saturday morning surfing: Fifteen significant news stories — three for each day of the workweek just past — on the "next page" to which you didn't have time to turn:


These clowns wonder why nobody respects them? Former Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., staffer who investigated a student debit card firm now works for it. BuzzFeed's Matthew Zeitlin has the details.

Which CEOs got 50% higher compensation? College and universities? That's right. Prawfblog puts it all in a neat bar graph.

Know how many Obamacare deadlines have been met? That employer mandate Obama unilaterally delayed is only one of Obamacare's 82 deadlines, according to Forbes' Avik Roy.


What's "slightly dry and spongy, and chewy on the inside?" A government-spec waffle, of course. Washington Free Beacon's Elizabeth Harrington has the sweet stuff on this story.

Are you raising kids? Know somebody who is? Odds are, you or them are paying too much in taxes. Ramesh Ponnuru lays it out.

Who went from moral majority to "prophetic minority?" Something is happening in America's largest protestant denomination. The Wall Street Journal's Naomi Schaefer Riley sits down with the man behind it all.


America's total tax burden is worse, much worse, than you think? RealClearMarket's J.T. Young adds it all up.

Why do North Korean prison camp inmates eat salted frogs every day? Because they're lucky to have that, reports Reuters' Ju-min Park and Michelle Kim.

Are blue unions carrying coal to Newcastle by targeting red Texas? A roundtable on The Blaze says yes, no, and maybe.


If this is a recovery, why are most of us making less now than when the Great Recession of 2008 started? Two former Census Bureau data jockeys deliver some really bad economic news.

Wonder what Joe said to Hillary at the Harkin Steak Fry? The Daily Beast's Ben Jacobs is paying attention.

What?!? A conservative arguing for the unions in Detroit bankruptcy? At least let Conservative Intelligence Briefing's David Freddoso explain his own self.


You can't help any child if you don't help every child? Really? How about helping every child you can, says the Cato Institute's Jason Bedrick.

Why would anybody want to ruin their state? Somebody did in California, New York and seven other states, in a mere five steps described by NRO's Kevin Williamson.

How many promises has President Obama broken? Peter Wehner counted and discusses the results in Commentary. You may be surprised by what he found.

Till next Saturday.