The National Rifle Association thinks that Mayor Bloomberg is "full of stuffing" after his anti-gun group issued a bunch of gun-control talking points this year to bring to the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

"This Thanksgiving, Michael Bloomberg has found yet another way to put a damper on a favorite American holiday," the release says. "While most people will spend the day relaxing with friends and family; watching football; and eating too much, billionaire Bloomberg will be busy attacking our freedoms."

Bloomberg's group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, encouraged gun control advocates to "set the table straight" this Thanksgiving by "Talking Turkey about guns."

But the NRA thinks Bloomberg should mind his own business.

"Let's face it, a Bloomberg Thanksgiving is already a drag — no soda, no dessert and no 'trans-fatty' sides," the NRA's release notes. "Now he wants to turn Thanksgiving table talk to curtailing our Second Amendment rights."