An anti-fracking activist and former Environmental Protection Agency “whistleblower” compared the fossil fuel industry to slavery during a debate Monday at Colorado Christian University.

Wes Wilson, who once accused the EPA of shoddy science because of a report showing no evidence that hydraulic fracking threatened drinking water, said that extracting fossil fuels had an “ethical problem,” just like slavery.

“You know, slavery had a lot of economic benefits, but it had an ethical problem,” Wilson said.

A pro-fracking panelist, Josh Penry, responded by saying “outrageous” as the audience laughed.

“Burning fossil fuels is an ethical problem,” Wilson continued. “You can’t put under the seas Bangladesh or Micronesia because of our collective burning of fossil fuels. That’s what’s happening.”

Sure, okay. Let’s just ignore for the moment how many economies would collapse if fossil fuels were suddenly no longer extracted and see what else Wilson has to say.

“Now, you may choose to ignore it, but here’s the bright side again: If we switch to renewables, there’ll be far fewer asthma [sic]. There’ll be babies born fully healthy,” Wilson said.

Because there’s no such thing as a fully healthy baby being born in this day and age, no sir. Everyone’s walking around with flippers or an air tank due to our reliance on fossil fuels. I’m probably allergic to cats only because I drive a car.

After an audience member pressed Wilson on the asthma/baby health thing, the ex-EPA employee responded by saying he “can’t guarantee that.”