We deserve President Trump.

A people so easily captivated by the intersection of politics and celebrity deserves nothing less than a former gameshow host for their chief executive.

In a clear sign that nothing was learned from the 2016 presidential election, media are still going gaga for Oprah Winfrey’s speech at the 75th Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Political and media pundits have been so enraptured by her scripted pieties, in fact, that there has been no shortage of on-air discussion regarding her possible political ambitions.

Oprah for president! Never mind that we are living right now through the consequences of putting an unprepared, untested, personally ignorant, and politically inexperienced celebrity in the White House!

A people too stupid to learn from their mistakes don’t deserve good governance, and those worthy of leadership roles don't deserve the indignity of serving them.

Even Hollywood is feeling the Oprah presidential love.

“[Oprah Winfrey has] run a major corporation that didn’t go bankrupt three or four or however many times,” actress Meryl Streep said this week in a clear reference to President Trump's several business failures. “Yeah, I think she’s more than qualified. Intellectually she’s qualified, her energy, her stamina, her passion. I think she’s more than qualified.”

Streep also said, “Well she’s certainly raising the bar for whomever decides to run, because they better burn the barn the same way, because it’s just we realize how thirsty we are for that sort of return to a passionate adherence to our values and principles to our country. As a country, as a people, men and women. You can really pull a big army behind you with that kind of rhetoric and real feeling and smarts."

The Oprah 2020 buzz (or whatever you want to call it) isn’t restricted to just the news and entertainments industries, if we’re to believe recent Rasmussen polling data.

A survey this week of likely voters found that a whopping 48 percent said they’d vote for Oprah if the election were held today. In contrast, only 38 percent said they’d pull the lever for Trump. The other 14 percent said they were undecided.

Self-identified Democrats were overwhelmingly supportive of the idea of Oprah for president, according to the right-leaning polling group’s survey. About 76 percent of surveyed Democrats said they would support an Oprah candidacy, and 44 percent of independents said the same. Only 22 percent of self-identified Republicans said they would support it.

Trump, for his part, earned a smaller 66 percent from self-identified Republicans. About 38 percent of independents said they’d also vote for him. Only 12 percent of Democrats said the same.

We should note that Rasmussen is criticized often for being unreliable. In fact, pollster Nate Silver once wrote that the group was the least accurate of the major polling firms.

Maybe we ought to take this Oprah survey with a grain of salt. But that still leaves us with the pro-Oprah nonsense from the news media and entertainment industries. That means we’re still allowed to rant about this moronic news cycle, right?