Salon has long been home to a team of very serious scolds who are very serious about "exposing" racism, sexism, ageism, weightism, thisism, thatism, etc. in every aspect of American culture.

Your favorite movie? Song? Book? There's an "ism" to be exposed, according to the website's undoubtedly pleasant team of writers.

In fact, I'm probably guilty of some sort of "ism" for even writing that opening sentence.

But seriously, pick any Salon headline at random and it's almost a guarantee that it will be about how Americans are woefully ill-equipped to handle "X" social issue.

In fact, we're pretty sure most of the website's traffic is driven by clicks from people who refuse to believe the headlines are written in earnest.

And we don't blame the clickers. For example (in case you're not familiar with the website's tone):

The funny thing is that the Salon grievance machine has become so utterly predictable, so easy to anticipate, that someone decided to set up a fake Twitter account parodying the left-leaning website's headlines.

And the parody account, @salondotcom, is pretty much perfect:

Next to @downworthy, which parodies those obnoxious and terrible "you won't believe what happened next!" headlines, @Salondotcom is probably our favorite parody Twitter account.

Go ahead. Give them a follow.