As the BBC notes, a group of extreme losers are upset with the new movie, "Peter Rabbit."

A play on British author Beatrix Potter's creation, the movie includes a scene in which a character is attacked with berries by rabbits who know he is allergic to said berries.

Cry havoc and let slip the freaks of political correctness! Alongside setting up a petition to boycott the movie, Twitter erupted.

Murray even issued a trigger-warning-plus-asterisk.

That was just the start.

Posting to the petition website, one clown took things further.

Yes, and the national anthem is a rallying cry for ethno-centric genocide.

Of course, predictably kneeling to the intellectually unwashed horde, Sony Pictures have now apologized, saying they "should not have made light" of food allergies.

Give me a break.

There is a difference between humor and education, and illnesses like all other topics are not off limits to humor. That's because the ultimate purpose of humor is to make us see unserious and serious things in amusing ways; to unleash our cheekiness. As a case in point, I had heart surgery as a kid and remember the fear and pain of surgery. Still, I find the following scenes very funny. If I had children who had also had heart issues, I would also encourage them to share in the humor.

Why is military and police humor so dark and yet so funny? Because it renders enjoyment from the hardest of human experiences.

That speaks to the ultimate point here.

The scene from "Peter Rabbit" is a rendering of humor, not a lesson for reality. Only a complete moron or the most incompetent parent would think that fake rabbits throwing berries at another fake rabbit is "disgusting" or "bullying" or "sickening" or "attempted murder."

The political correctness crowd need to check themselves.

Meanwhile the rest of us will rightly be laughing.