This isn't the Postelles' first rodeo.

The New York-based indie pop-rock act first broke through in 2011 with its self-titled debut album. Loads of touring ensued, and now, here the Postelles are two years later, a little older, a little wiser.

"No question we've changed," said the Postelles lead singer, Daniel Balk, speaking from a tour stop in New Hampshire. "In terms of interviews, you get more relaxed, in terms of shows you get more relaxed, you get more comfortable with each other. Everything comes with experience."

The Postelles wrap up their current tour Thursday at the U Street Music Hall.

If you go
The Postelles
» Where: U Street Music Hall, 1115A U St. NW
» When: 6 p.m. Thursday
» Info: $15; 202-588-1880;

This current set of shows, just 10 days in its entirety, is designed for the band to test out the new tracks from its upcoming sophomore effort " ... And It Shook Me," scheduled for release April 23.

In recording their debut, Balk said the band members wanted to create something that they could immediately translate live. The resulting collection of songs were catchy, fast-paced and without a lot of ornamentation.

For " ... And It Shook Me," the Postelles chose to take their time and give each track more thought.

"We sort of wanted to do something different and take more time with it," Balk said. "There's more going on. It's been a challenge, but it's been a good one."

The resulting songs are more challenging for the band to perform live, thus the current tour.

The members of the Postelles -- which include lead guitarist David Dargahi, bassist John Speyer and drummer Billy Cadden -- formed at prep school in Manhattan. The band wanted a name that reflected a combination of '60s garage rock and Motown girl groups. The band's 2011 self-titled debut was at least partly produced by Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. While the Postelles do have a less-fuzzy, poppier Strokes vibe, " ... And It Shook Me" clearly shows a band coming into its own, thanks to extensive touring.

"It's a lot of work," Balk said of touring. "It's a mix of being incredibly tired and stressed out with a mix of seeing these amazing places and feeling incredibly lucky.

"There are times when we want to kill each other," Balk continued. "Most of the time, we see so many beautiful places and meet so many cool people; it's pretty amazing."