As’s Larry O’Connor notes, Newsweek featured a brief piece from reporter Michael Isikoff about how the top brass at Newsweek spiked his story about President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Matt Drudge, of course, broke the 1998 story on his website as a “World Exclusive,” which prompted the magazine to publish it in full.

“I would have preferred we had it first, of course,” explains Michael Isikoff, writes in retrospect. “But we settled for having it better than anybody else.”

Newsweek featured Isikoff’s reflections on the story in their final edition of the print magazine in a piece titled “Monica Lewinsky: The Inside Story of an Epic Newsweek Scoop.”

Isikoff admitted wryly to the New York Times that he had “certain homicidal tendencies” after the Newsweek editors decided to spike the story.