Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos taco is wildly popular — so popular that it created 15,000 jobs for the company last year. When the first Doritos Locos taco was introduced in March 2012, the fast-food chain had to hire two or three new employees for each of its 6,000 stores to keep up with demand for the taco, CEO Greg Creed said.

“And that’s great, it makes us feel really good,” he told The Daily Beast last month. “It’s great we sold lots of tacos and it’s great for our shareholders, but if you can get 15,000 people off the unemployment line and give them jobs — that to me is giving back to society. That is having a social conscience in doing the right thing. That’s really important to me.“

Taco Bell sold 375 million Doritos Locos tacos in 2012, or about one million every day, which helped the company grow more than McDonald’s, with 8 percent growth in same-store sales.

The taco, with its shell made of nacho cheese-flavored Doritos chips, has been so popular that Taco Bell added a Cool Ranch variety in March. The company also plans to add a new flavor based on chili-lime flavored Doritos later this year, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“We believe we can add 2,000 new restaurants in the next 10 years, because what we have is proprietary and exclusive,” said Creed. “Nobody else can make a Cool Ranch Doritos taco. And that’s just in the U.S.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon