The Tailored Man, based in Alexandria and McLean, Virginia, is Sunder Daswani's solution to the demand for affordable, custom-tailored men's suiting. Operating under corporate parent Rochees, Inc., the Tailored Man services clients worldwide by hosting fittings in various cities throughout the United States and Canada. Individual attention paid to each customer, a detailed ordering process, and personable employees make the Tailored Man a popular choice for all sorts of customers - from U.S. Congressmen and Senators to professional athletes to "normal" men who just want a great-fitting suit.

Traditionally, Savile Row has been regarded as the way to get a custom-made suit. However, these can run upwards of $2,500, and the Savile Row tailors require multiple fittings to get their pieces just right. The Hong Kong tailors, on the other hand, are able to get a perfect fit over 80% of the time from measurements and a photo alone--which means less traveling and a lower price for the customer. The Savile Row and Hong Kong tailors source the same fabrics and materials, but the latter can produce a beautiful suit with much less hassle.

Here's how it works at the Tailored Man: a customer makes an appointment online, at which an authorized tailor records the customer's measurements, takes a photograph, and asks about style preferences (fabric, color, style, and more). The order is sent to Hong Kong, and the clothes are created there. Within four weeks, the garments are shipped, and the customer meets an authorized tailor for a final fitting, if necessary. He walks out with a piece that's made to fit him--not the other way around. The attention to detail and one-on-one fittings keep customers coming back for years.

Daswani moved from his native India to Hong Kong in 1961, then to the United States in 1964. By 1969, he had opened his Alexandria tailor shop. Daswani opened a ready-to-wear suit shop in a shopping mall in 1982, where he did business for 17 years. In 1999, he and his employees--mostly family, including his co-owner brother, Kishore--began taking the tailor shop on the road. Every few weeks, some of them stay at hotels in various cities, where customers can set up one-on-one appointments. Daswani quickly realized the marketing potential in Canada and began traveling to Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary as well.

Daswani and his team have custom software that allows them to coordinate with potential clients and customers, send orders to Hong Kong, and track the pieces of clothing in regards to location, price, sales, and more. That's not the only development the company is seeing--its employees just recently began making trips to London. Currently, the Tailored Man sees most of its demand from Canadian customers. As business continues to expand--in both sales numbers and geographic reach--Daswani's use of innovative technology will keep the Tailored Man relevant.

A made-to-order suit might seem like an old-world luxury, but with the Tailored Man, a bigger investment up-front means a longer-lasting, well-loved piece of clothing that you won't need (or want) to replace within a year. Custom tailored suits range from $500 to $1000, while custom-fitted shirts range from $60 to $130. Women can also have clothing bought elsewhere custom fitted at the Tailored Man, and the company will replace shrunken or worn shirt collars and cuffs. Tailoring, custom suiting, and a simple spruce-up: the Tailored Man does it all. The company's efficiency, accuracy, and individual customer service means business will be booming for many years to come--and if you're in need of a good jacket, you might want to make an appointment before there's a waiting list.