National Review‘s Katrino Trinko has been handed some talking points by the Gang of Ocho on their impending amnesty plan. Please do go read the whole thing. Just as Obamacare twisted itself in knots trying to make a big government takeover of
health care appear to be market-based reforms, the Gang of Ocho spins fanciful tales of hard-nosed enforcement to paper over its amnesty core.

Here is just one example:

Anyone who is no longer able to be self-sufficient and needs federal assistance would lose legal status and be eligible for deportation.

So the Gang of Ocho wants us to believe that while Americans currently do not have the political will to deport illegal immigrants now, after immigration reform passes, suddenly the federal government will spring into action and begin hunting down unemployed or disabled legalized immigrants for deportation. It’s a monstrous idea. And it will never happen.

The reality is that once the Gang of Ocho grants illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, none of them will ever be deported and all of them will eventually become eligible for the full range of federal and state welfare programs. It will be a huge drain on government budgets.

Illegal immigrants do not come to this country for welfare. They come to American for jobs. But once they are here, they do avail themselves of the welfare state. And because they are less educated, and are less likely to speak English than the native population, they will use more welfare than native Americans too.

No amount of tough Gang of Ocho talking points will change that.