Does the Left really need another organization whose sole purpose is to attack conservatives?

Apparently so, according to David Brock, founder of Media Matters for America, head of the liberal American Bridge PAC and board member of the liberal Priorities USA Action.

Brock is going to bring his special brand of bias to the re-launched American Independent Institute -- an obvious mock name considering it will be anything but independent. The goal of the institute will be to expose the “nexus of conservative power in Washington,” according to Dylan Byers of Politico.

"Nexus of conservative power." Doesn't that sound a lot like Hillary Clinton's "vast right-wing conspiracy"?

Before you say that's just a coincidence, keep in mind that Brock — once Clinton's worst antagonist in the media — has now become one of her strongest supporters.

His new institute looks a lot like the latest effort at battlespace preparation for the former secretary of State's possible 2016 presidential bid.

It will provide grants to journalists to investigate conservatives and conservative groups. Some of the first grants went to an expose on the Gun Owners of America and its leader. Other grants went to attacking conservative House members for supposed efforts to “undermine scientific inquiry” and of course, articles about those evil billionaires the Koch brothers.

“The American Independent has a proud history of journalism that spurred progressive change,” Brock said. “In our new role as a funder of deep-dig reporting projects, our mission — to foster strong journalism with lasting impact — hasn’t changed.”

“With the ongoing disintegration of the U.S. newspaper business, the need for alternative sources of information and independent reporting has never been greater,” Brock continued. “We will continue to meet the new challenges of democracy in a new way.”

Because the world needs more lefty outlets to toe the Democratic line. It’s not like the Left already has the New York Times, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Politico, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, Washington Monthly, National Journal, Salon, Slate, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Media Matters, ThinkProgress — the list goes on.