New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is being deservedly broiled online after he and his family were caught this weekend enjoying an empty beach that had been closed to taxpayers due to the Garden State's ongoing government shutdown.

The reactions have ranged from irked to furious, especially as news comes out that New Jersey law enforcement officials have spent the last few days turning away beachgoers who had hoped to enjoy the sun ahead of the July Fourth holiday.

Then there's this nonsensical bit of outrage from Jacobin magazine, which tweeted a picture of the governor and his family alone on the beach with the caption, "Capitalism."


New Jersey's slob of a governor — the chief executive of the state — was caught lying around on a state-owned beach, which had been closed off to the public because said governor and the state's legislature can't come to a budget agreement.

How an economic system in which private interests control trade and industry has anything to do with this specific incident is ... anyone's guess.

Also, considering a for-profit newspaper, the Star-Ledger of New Jersey, is responsible for capturing the photos of a government official enjoying luxuries denied to the masses, we're doubly confused by Jacobin's point. Are they cheering capitalism for exposing the ruling class' basic disregard for the commoner?

Knocking capitalism is sort of that magazine's jam. We get that.

But doesn't that mean they should have some understanding of what it is, what it does and why they dislike it? You'd think they'd be more fluent in this area given Karl Marx was one of the term's earliest users. Just a small bit of advice, but if you're going to knock a thing, try to make some sense when you do it.