Sure, they talked about smashing guitars and made the inevitable oops of dropping the f-bomb on C-SPAN, but at an appearance at the National Press Club Monday the Who's Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend stayed mostly on script and talked about a cause close to them -- helping teens with cancer.

"They need a little bit of space in the hospital, not a great deal, just space, where they can be teenagers, they can make a little noise, they can have MTV, they can have computers, they can continue their education," Daltrey explained. The first of those spaces in the U.S. is being set up at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in California with, hopefully, more to come as part of Daltrey's and Townshend's Teen Cancer America program. "So to all you rich rock stars out there, get off your butts, get involved, raise some money, get this thing up and running," said Daltrey, who primarily did the talking.

That's probably because when Townshend took the mic, things got colorful. He called Daltrey's speech "so f---ing amazing" and talked about their Tuesday night show at the Verizon Center and whether or not he would smash a guitar. "I thought about it a lot when I was a kid because it was an artistic act, but now if I break a guitar it's usually because I've got sick of it," he said.