There's a 50 percent chance Sen. Rand Paul will run for president, the Kentucky Republican said in a recent interview with a fourth-grade student.

But Paul said in the interview, which his office posted to its YouTube account, that he does not plan to reach a decision until a year from now.

"What is the chance that I would run? It's probably 50-50," Paul said. "We are thinking about it and sort of looking at what it would take to run. It's a big job. But we probably won't make our decision for about a year."

Paul, who has worked to distinguish himself as a prominent Libertarian voice in the Republican Party, made multiple trips last year to key early-voting states like Iowa and South Carolina, indicating a strong interest in pursuing the presidency. But in the recent interview, he said he has some reservations about a presidential campaign, including how the time commitment would affect his home life.

Paul also expressed reluctance about the increased scrutiny by news organizations that "get meaner and meaner when you run for president, because they pick you apart and say, 'Your clothes don't look good, your hair looks bad, you need a haircut.' "

"You get all that kind of grief in [the] media if you run for president," Paul said. "So it's a big job, and we haven't decided yet."

The interview, conducted by a fourth-grade student identified as Clay W., of Kentucky, was not all hard-hitting politics. The student also asked Paul about his favorite hobbies (swimming, bicycling and golf) and food (lasagna).