Damian Green, the de facto deputy secretary of the United Kingdom, resigned Wednesday after an investigation revealed that he made misleading comments about pornography on computers in his parliamentary office nearly a decade ago.

An internal government investigation was initiated last month in response to allegations that Green made unwanted advances toward former activist and family friend, Kate Maltby, back in 2015.

Those allegations were found to be "plausible" despite there was no way to reach a "definitive conclusion on the appropriateness"; however, the review also determined that Green's suggestion that he was unaware of the indecent material found on the computers in 2008 was false.

The review found that Green had been contacted by the police twice about their discovery.

In a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, Green wrote: “I regret that I’ve been asked to resign from the government following breaches of the Ministerial Code, for which I apologise.”

Green denies having viewed the pornographic material and noted that investigation didn't go anywhere.