Ken Bone's favorite color is not red.

Despite being trapped in a prison of crimson-colored cotton for the past ten months, Bone confirmed in a Friday interview with the Washington Examiner that his favorite color is actually blue.

"Everything in Wisconsin is red because it's Badger Country," the viral internet celebrity explained, recalling how he purchased his famous red sweater on visit to the state. "So, that's like the only color of clothes at Kohl's. There's red, and there's white."

Bone also dished on his favorite food, which is chicken and dumplings, but "only when my grandma makes it," he clarified. His favorite television show is "Parks and Recreation," and his favorite band is Radiohead.

Bone was in Atlanta for the annual Netroots Nation conference to exhibit for DonorDex, an app that connects political candidates with donors. Asked by the Washington Examiner how Netroots Nation, a progressive gathering, compares to the Conservative Political Action Conference, he said CPAC "was almost like a party atmosphere, especially since it was right after the election, and it was in full celebration mode."

"There were college kids there who … they got around other conservatives, and they were just going crazy and having a ton of fun, and there was like parties every night," Bone recalled.

"Here, it is all business," he said of Netroots. "There's not very many people on the exhibition floor because they're all upstairs at panels and trainings."

Though it's August, Bone was sure to wear his signature red Izod sweater, even if progressive conference goers were too busy #resisting to notice.

Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.