We surveyed the Yeas & Nays alumni association -- Politico's Patrick Gavin, Urban Daddy's Jeff Dufour, Susan G. Komen for the Cure's Kiki Ryan, the New York Post's Tara Palmeri, Clyde's Restaurant Group's Katy Adams and Washington City Paper's Jenny Rogers -- to give you, loyal readers, some of our favorite items that appeared in the newspaper:

» Back in April of 2007, Patrick Gavin and Jeff Dufour got President Carter to give his take on the low-rider debate. Low-rider, you ask? The city of Plains, Ga., Carter's hometown, was trying to ban low-riding pants. Carter plead ignorance on the issue, but the Plains City Council hoped to get the former POTUS on board. "His support would be very valuable," one member said.

» "Nancy, where are you?" screamed a headline on the Drudge Report after Yeas & Nays reported that Nancy Pelosi's face had clearly been airbrushed on the May/June 2010 cover of Capitol File Magazine, leaving the House speaker looking more like Katie Couric then herself.

» "We're not pedophiles" was Joe Jonas' response as Yeas & Nays caught the Jonas Brothers "sulking in the corner" of the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair party over White House Correspondents' Association Dinner weekend in 2010. The teen heartthrobs were angry that President Obama threatened them with "predator drones" if they went anywhere near Sasha and Malia.

» "Meet the Press" host David Gregory let the cat (errr rap?) out of the bag during an early GOP presidential debate in 2011 that he was a big fan of '90s hip-hop, showcasing his lyrical knowledge on Twitter. "A lot of suburban white kids like me were into that stuff," Gregory told us. Though he noted he was never into the "nasty stuff."

» Partisanship was out in full fury at last summer's annual DNC-RNC softball game as our Jenny Rogers captured taunts like "Oh, they're going after the Hispanic vote." (A reaction to the DNC's cheer of "Si, se puede.") Others included "at least we shower" and "you suck." RNC Chairman Reince Priebus admitted that the teams really get into it. "We take it pretty seriously," he said.

» And then there are the times when Yeas & Nays is the news. Our own Tara Palmeri asked a follow-up question to actor Sean Penn, who had told his detractors they could die "screaming of rectal cancer." Palmeri promptly got booted from the event and made national gossip news in the process.