The Daily Caller's resident Democratic gadfly, Mickey Kaus, says he's figured out the real reason why Senate Democrats changed the rules to eliminate filibusters on most nominations: It's about jobs -- jobs for lawyers and lobbyists in particular.

The Democrats engineered the rule change last week after Senate Republicans blocked several of President Obama's nominees, including three judges for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia -- the court which holds sway over cases involving federal regulations.

"Regulation is D.C.’s economic substructure, its mode of production, as Marx might say — even more so than legislation," Kaus writes. "Those big gleaming office buildings aren’t filled with Congressional lobbyists! They’re filled with administrative lawyers. Now, with a full 11-member court stacked to favor Democrats, there will be even more rules to litigate, more counsel to hire, more mansions to house them and restaurants to feed them. Whatever happens in the rest of America, the capital’s economic future is secure.

"They should erect a statue of Harry Reid outside the Mazza Gallerie."