President Trump twice sent out, then quickly deleted, a tweet calling on the U.S. to "heel," before finally getting the spelling right on Saturday.

"Our great country has been divided for decade,but it will come together again.Sometimes protest is needed in order to heel,and heel we will!", he said in a tweet that was quickly removed. Politwoops, a project of ProPublica which tracks deleted tweets from public officials, archived the deleted note.

Several people on Twitter speculated that the Trump mistakenly tweeted "heel" instead of "heal."

Moments later, he tweeted a similar message, with proper spacing, but also still featured "heel" instead of "heal." "Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heel, & we will heel, & be stronger than ever before!", the second tweet said.

He then deleted that tweet, and replaced it with a third, using the word "heal."

Trump has deleted tweets in the past, including one in May when he abrutply ended an incomplete thought with "covfefe," which earned him widespread mocking on the Internet. In June, Trump was sued by two groups, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the National Security Archive, in part over his deleted tweets, accusing him of breaking federal law by destroying federal records.

Regarding the Twitter flubs on Saturday, the Merriam-Webster dictionary trolled the president with a tweet explaining the difference between "heel", "heal" and "he'll".

About an hour earlier on Saturday, Trump tweeted words of support for Boston city officials as thousands of protesters took to the streets, calling out what he called "anti-police agitators."

"Looks like many anti-police agitators in Boston," Trump tweeted. "Police are looking tough and smart! Thank you."

He also praised Boston's mayor, Marty Walsh, in another tweet.