Monica Wehby, a pediatric neurosurgeon running for the U.S. Senate in Oregon, has released a new ad that will make you shed a tear.

The ad, "Trust," features Lexi Liebelt, a woman who, when she was 21-weeks pregnant, was told by her doctor that her pregnancy needed to be aborted due to problems with the spinal cord.

“The world stopped,” Liebelt says over sad music.

“Dr. Wehby was the first person that gave us hope,” Liebelt says. "She was the first person that said 'Congratulations you’re having a daughter.'"

Liebelt described how Wehby performed surgery on her daughter to reconstruct her lower spine.

Through tears, Liebelt explains that Wehby assured her that everything would be fine.

“We have a 12-year-old today because of Dr. Wehby,” Liebelt says.

Wehby is running as a moderate, which is perfect for a traditionally blue state like Oregon.

In her first ad, "It's not brain surgery," Wehby explains that Obamacare is "devastating" for Oregon. Wehby also reminds viewers that she has called for an investigation into Cover Oregon, the state health care exchange that proved a national embarrassment.

Wehby is the establishment candidate in the GOP primary to challenge Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., in November.