Bernie Sanders seems to be racing past Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, but one pollster says not so fast.

With ten days until the Iowa caucus, a Loras College poll released Friday showed Clinton leading Sanders 59 percent to 30 percent. Underdog candidate Martin O'Malley comes in third with 7 percent of the vote among like caucus-goers.

These numbers are drastically different from the polls coming out of the Hawkeye State recently, most of which have Clinton and Sanders within a few points of each other. These surveys also increasingly show Sanders, not Clinton, in the lead. It remains to be seen if the Loras poll is an outlier.

But the Loras poll also showed that the majority of Iowa Democratic voters are open to other candidates. Eighty-three percent of voters said they could see Clinton as either their first or second choice and 73 percent of voters said they could see Sanders as either their first or second choice. An additional 22 percent said they could see O'Malley as their first or second choice.

"Caucus night on the Democratic side can be quite chaotic as the quest for precinct delegates under the viability and allocation formula takes hold," Christopher Budzisz, associate professor of politics and director of the Loras College Poll said. "It's clear that the voters we spoke with were not opposed to either of the front-runners. As caucus night unfolds, supporters of all the candidates will be looking for opportunities to bring their neighbors from one candidate preference group to another. There is always the possibility of some horse-trading in the Democratic precinct caucuses."