As Israel mobilizes its ground forces and amps up the pressure on Hamas, several international news groups, including CNN, have reporters stationed near the Gaza area to cover events as they unfold.

And among those embedded in the area is CNN international correspondent Diana Magnay.

Now, Magnay isn't a frequent tweeter. In fact, unlike many reporters in the U.S., she only occasionally uses the social media platform to air her thoughts -- except for on Thursday when, apparently surrounded by Israelis, she decided to tweet this:

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Magnay has since deleted the tweet and hasn't responded to questions regarding her meaning.

One quick thought:

It's entirely possible that she meant to refer to the people who threatened to damage her car as “scum,” which is a perfectly reasonable response (we would've probably said something much, much worse).

Perhaps she realized this, and perhaps that's why she quickly deleted the tweet.

But if this isn't the case, and Magnay ends up doubling down on her remark, we can't think of a more perfect example of everything what's wrong with our national media. Silly stuff indeed.