On the anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Donald Trump, we present you with the absolute worst attempt to contextualize, understand and accept her failure:

This op-ed from Southwestern University professor Helene Meyers is, for lack of a better descriptor, a doozy.

The title alone invites a well-deserved groan from the reader: “Is Hillary Clinton The Jewish Scapegoat Of Our Time?

Naturally, that's not even the worst of it. There’s much more silliness to be found in this absurd piece, which was published this week by the Jewish magazine the Forward.

“[T]he continued attacks on Clinton are no laughing matter,” Meyers writes, referring to President Trump’s and Fox News’ constant criticisms of the former secretary of state.

“In fact, they remind me of another persona who has often served as the perfect scapegoat for whatever ails the nation in which she resides. I am speaking of course of the figure of the Jew,” she added

Man alive.

“She-devil, anti-Christ, Commie spy—Hillary has become the dumping ground for a dizzying amalgam of misogynist and anti-Semitic tropes,” Meyers writes.

She then turns her attention to social theorist Zygmunt Bauman, who once wrote that the Jews are regarded as “venerable ancestors of Christianity, who however, refused to withdraw and to pass away once Christianity was born and took over.”

Meyers then added, “In other words, like Clinton, the Jews had the chutzpah to persist.”


“Throughout the election and into this year, Clinton has been figured as a treasonous commie like the Rosenbergs, while simultaneously alienating labor with her capitalist conspiracies. And she is cast as the old money-changing Democrat who refuses to be replaced by the new,” Meyers writes.

She concluded, “Sounds like an anti-Semitic rendering of the Jew to me, and a potent reminder that when anti-Semitic ideology pollutes the public square, the nation, non-Jews, and real Jews are all imperiled.”

Huh. Well.

Before we start panicking over a potential anti-Clinton pogrom, maybe let's think this one through for a minute. Through a series of severe miscalculations, the former secretary of state lost a very winnable election. It isn't a sign of rising anti-Semitism that people are upset about that. They have a right to be angry about the fact that Clinton didn't once set foot in Wisconsin during the entire general election. They are right to be annoyed her campaign framed the election in terms of how voters could help her ("I'm with her!") and not vice versa. They can be forgiven if they're still angry about the fact that the Clinton team outsourced part of the candidate's millennial outreach efforts to Al Gore, 69, and Dave Matthews, 50. Who can blame them for still being sore about the time Clinton alienated undecided voters by claiming at a fundraiser in New York City that "half" of Trump's supporters were “deplorable” bigots.

Clinton’s team actively ignored and took for granted disaffected white and working-class voters whom Obama had won, even after Bill Clinton, who won the rust belt twice, implored them to reconsider their strategy. If Democrats aren't still mad about that, they've either short attention spans or incredibly forgiving hearts.

Also, let's not forget the fact that Clinton came into 2016 with an FBI investigation hanging over her head due to her own bad and ethically dubious choices while serving at the State Department.

Clinton has yet to own up to the fact that her hubris and her mismanagement ended up handing a former gameshow host the White House. Oh, she has a long list of people she blames for her loss in 2016, but she’s definitely not one of those people.

Many are understandably upset that she blew the election, and that she absolutely refuses to own up to it.

That's not anti-Semitism. That's just normal angry voter behavior.