In a 13-game stretch last September, Baltimore's Chris Davis did little. He hit a home run. He drove in four RBI. Yawn.

Davis followed that quiet spell with seven games in which he homered seven times and drove in 13 runs. So his hot start is more or less a continuation of how he ended 2012. Thus far, Davis has homered four times and driven in 17 runs.

Combine his last 13 games and you get this: 11 homers, 30 RBI.

When Davis cools off -- it might be a tad difficult to maintain the 108-homer, 459-RBI pace he's on -- where will he settle in as a player? A guy emerging or one who just had a torrid streak? He's in his prime, and the Orioles have a good lineup around him. It helps, too, that he has struck out in only 11.5 percent of his plate appearances compared with 30.1 percent last season.

He will continue to receive good opportunities. More production will follow.

- John Keim