There’s something about President Trump that brings out the most asinine hyperventilation in his opposition. Take, for example, this response to news reports that the president wants to hold a Bastille Day-style military parade in the nation’s capital.

“We already have 13 people who signed up to lay down in front of the tanks if Trump brings out a Military parade. This is not a Military Authoritarian State. We [sic] you join us?” tweeted former U.S. Senate candidate Arn Menconi.

Astonishingly, he actually included a picture from the Tiananmen Square massacre.

You know the picture: A lone individual, since dubbed “Tank Man,” stands against an entire column of government tanks. His fate is unknown, but the image of his bravery is iconic the world over.

But for the record, the Tiananmen Square massacre wasn’t a damned military parade. It was the wholesale slaughter of roughly 10,000 Chinese demonstrators after they gathered to protest their Communist government’s authoritarian rule.

“We now have nearly 50 Americans who have signed on to lay in front of the tanks if Trump brings out a Military parade. We are not an empire drifting towards extinction. Will you join us?” Menconi continued Wednesday on social media.

Sure, let’s go on play-pretending that "resisting" Trump is somehow akin to what the world saw in Tiananmen Square. Let’s pretend that the president's impulsive desire for a military parade is basically the same as what happened in 1989, when the state murdered thousands of protesters for the "crime" of voicing their dissent.

This isn’t to say that there aren't some good pro and con arguments for the parade. My Washington Examiner colleague Tom Rogan has already addressed some of these. I’d encourage you to read his take.

What Menconi tweeted, however, is not one of the reasonable reactions. His response is the sort of rot that shows not only how little these people seem to understand what areal authoritarianism looks like, but it also shows a lack of appreciation for genuine suffering and oppression.