Earlier, I reported that the Newseum was standing by its decision to honor two employees of Al Aqsa TV as part of its memorial for journalists who were killed in duty even though the station has been designated a terrorist group by the U.S. government for being financed and controlled by Hamas.

Above, I’ve posted the above video from an Al Aqsa children’s show in which a character dressed in a rabbit costume vows to “get rid of the Jews” by eating them (just before the four-minute mark). Keep in mind that this is the product of what the Newseum considers a legitimate news network whose employees are worthy of being honored along with executed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

The Jew-eating rabbit was part of an Al Aqsa children’s show that also included a honey bee who desired to be a martyr and who thereby was following in the footsteps of his Mickey Mouse lookalike cousin, who in this video instructs Palestinian children about how Muslims are going to take over the world.

Or maybe it’s the more serious programming Newseum had in mind when equating Al Aqsa with a legitimate news organization, like this report from November 2012 in which a man explains the desire of children to follow in the footsteps of a slain Hamas leader:  “Allah be praised, all the young Muslims in Gaza love martyrdom, just as our enemies, the Jewish dogs, love life.”