Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" producer Jesse Waters met up with rocker Jason Greenslate of San Diego in a segment aired on Bill O'Reilly's show about the use of food stamps.

The rocker is a self-described "surfer dude" who goes to strip clubs in a Cadillac Escalade and buys lobster with his food stamps — if they are on sale.

"I bring smiles to a lot of people with my music, you know," Greenslate explains during the interview, defending his use of food stamps.

He also got defensive after Watters suggested that his behavior might be offensive to hard-working Americans.

"Just because my job is a little cooler than your job — I think people are a little more jealous than anything," he said.

When asked why he continued to live off food stamps even though the country was in debt, Greenslate said that he shouldn't be blamed for the system.

"Wait, what, do I have to apologize for the way the system's set up?" he asked bewilderingly, "I don't feel like I need to apologize for it, but just the way you are wording it kind of seems like I'm getting kind of like the ruler on the hand, you know."