Fishbowl DC obtained a memo from Politico, reminding all writers to practice good SEO tactics. It turns out that the keywords “Marco Rubio” and “Marco Rubio family” and “Marco Rubio wife” drive tons of traffic to news websites, especially after Marco Rubio delivered his State of the Union response and Marco Rubio’s drink from Marco Rubio’s water bottle.

Speaking of which, did you know that one of the Marco Rubio family members recently got in a golf cart accident in October? President Obama called Marco Rubio to make sure the whole Marco Rubio family was OK. Marco Rubio reassured President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama that the whole Marco Rubio family was fine.

Marco Rubio’s wife is named Jeannette Dousdebes Rubio. Did you know that Marco Rubio’s wife is a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins football team?

Click here to see a picture of the Marco Rubio family.

Recently, Marco Rubio and Marco Rubio’s wife signaled that they wanted to move the Marco Rubio family to Washington D.C. But, Marco Rubio would have to sell the Marco Rubio family home in Miami to make the move.

Marco Rubio was not asked for comment about this piece nor was any member of the Marco Rubio family, including Marco Rubio’s wife. Nor were any of Marco Rubio’s staffers.

Marco Rubio talked about the Marco Rubio family in this interview with GQ  which featured a picture of his photogenic family.

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