Juliet Eilperin at the Washington Post gained some amount of notoriety earlier this year after she penned an embarrassing and now-debunked attack on Charles and David Koch, the libertarian-leaning bogeymen of the left.

And now she has authored what may be this year's silliest puff piece for the Obama administration.

His second term halfway over, President Obama is “trying to free himself from the constraints of office,” Eilperin wrote in an article on the front page of Friday's paper.

And despite Obama's many critics who have questioned the wisdom of him crisscrossing the country to attend Democratic fundraisers rather than sort out the burgeoning crisis on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, there are apparently some “benefits” to the president's “get outta' Washington” strategy.

“His journey this week has generated positive stories in the local media while allowing him to underscore a broader message that the U.S. economy is getting better,” Eilperin writes.

And, oh, it gets better.

“There are several forces driving Obama’s restlessness, beyond his staff’s commitment to sticking with their schedule,” she wrote. “It is clear he has become increasingly frustrated with both GOP opposition to his policies and mainstream news coverage of domestic issues.”

Wait, there's an opposition party? Oof, what a shocking blow this must have been to America's 44th president.

“He points out that Republicans have voted down or blocked every one of his legislative proposals aimed at boosting the economy,” Eilperin added, failing to mention which proposal would actually “boost” the economy (raising the minimum wage?).

She continued: “A number of impromptu moments on recent trips have generated just the type of news coverage the White House is seeking. The Denver Post’s front page on Wednesday had a photo of Obama shooting pool with Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.”

I guess that all depends on who you're reading. The president was in many circles criticized for being photographed knocking back beers and playing pool while having no plan to inspect the crisis on the border.

“That’s exactly what you want. There’s no question in my mind that more people will see the Images of the president playing pool and sharing a meal with ordinary people than will hear [Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas] or [Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas] criticizing the president for not going to the border,” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer told the Washington Post.

And the article goes on like for quite some time, alternating between explaining Obama's critics and why the White House just doesn't care about what they say.

You can read the whole article here(if you're into that sort of thing).