U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized thousands in unreported currency from two men at Washington Dulles International Airport this week, officials said.

On Monday, a Cameroonian man arrived on a flight from Ethiopia and reported that he had 4,000 euros in possession. But when officers searched his luggage, they found 12,000 euros and $430 in American currency, according to CBP officials.

CBP seized the euros, worth about $16,000, but returned the $430 to the man for humanitarian relief.

On Tuesday, an Ethiopian man arrived at Dulles from his native country and initially reported that he had $2,000 in his possession. But officials said that when officers finished inspecting his luggage, they found $29,012 plus 4,987 Ethiopian birr and 50 Saudi Arabian riyals.

Officers seized the U.S. currency, but returned the foreign currency, worth about $286, for humanitarian relief.

Officers advised the two men about how they can petition to get their money back. There's no limit as to how much money travelers can import or export, but federal law requires travelers to report amounts that exceed $10,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency.