Thousands of emails that Hillary Clinton deleted from her private servers could soon be made public thanks to an open records request filed by the Republican National Committee Thursday.

The emails, whose existence was revealed by FBI Director James Comey this week, should have been included among the batch of 30,000 emails Clinton provided the State Department in 2014. But her lawyers deleted them and subsequently denied any possibility that work-related emails could have been excluded from their production.

"Hillary Clinton failed to turn over 'several thousand' work-related emails despite falsely claiming she had done so to the State Department, the American people, and a federal court under penalty of perjury," said Reince Priebus, chairman of the RNC.

Clinton had sworn in an affidavit last year that she had turned over all official communications.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch officially closed the FBI investigation Wednesday evening, likely removing the oft-cited excuse that the Justice Department cannot divulge details of the probe due to the "ongoing" nature of the investigation.

A court ruling Tuesday could open the door for emails hidden in private inboxes to be subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

The RNC said in a statement Thursday that it planned to "pursue every possible legal and administrative option" to force the Justice Department to fulfill its FOIA request.