A group of American gun owners wants to thank Starbucks for refusing to ban gun carrying customers from their stores.

To thank the coffee chain, over 3,000 gun owners have signed up on Facebook pledging to visit their local Starbucks today – with a gun if possible.

The Facebook group notes:

Starbucks is allowing us to lawfully carry firearms in their store. Recently, they have been the target of unjust attacks from certain groups that do not support our right to bear arms. We will thank Starbucks for standing up for our right to bear arms by going there on Friday, August 9th.

We ask that if you choose to carry a firearm during this event that you follow all local, state, and national laws; and if you choose not to carry that you wear pro-gun rights apparel.

Pictures of gun toting Starbucks patrons are already hitting gun activist Facebook pages

(Photos via Facebook)

“This is how you do it!!! Thank you to the patriots showing up at Starbucks across the nation!! Send us your pics and location!!” a note read on the 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control, INC. Facebook page, highlighting the photos.

Meanwhile, the anti-gun group ‘Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’ is calling for action against the coffee chain – and the gun owners who may be patronizing their local Starbucks

“ENTER STARBUCKS AT YOUR OWN RISK TODAY,” the groups Facebook page warns. “Gun advocates are holding armed rallies inside Starbucks across the country today as part of ‘Starbucks Appreciation Day.’”

Starbucks, however, is not taking sides.

“These events are not endorsed by Starbucks. That said, our stores are gathering places for the communities we serve and we respect the diverse views of our costumers,” Starbucks spokesman Zach Hutson said in a phone interview with the Washington Times. “We comply with local laws and statutes in the communities we serve, abiding by laws that permit ‘open carry.’”