Waves are crashing along the shores of West Palm Beach as students prepare to engage in the largest gathering of conservatives under age 25. The Student Action Summit, hosted by Turning Point USA, is a networking event like none other, uniting more than 3,000 student activists and leaders from the conservative movement in sunny South Florida while the rest of the nation bundles up for wintery Christmas.

Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager, Donald Trump Jr., Anthony Scaramucci, and the Washington Examiner’s very own Lauren Cooley, along with many more are expected to provide vital leadership and activism training during this four-day event.

The Student Action Summit is significant because this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity energizes students to advocate for free markets and limited government, while also providing many personal growth and networking opportunities.

Turning Point USA provides a rare platform to illustrate true conservatism and how far the Left’s stereotype is from reality. This week, thousands of energetic, enthusiastic, and stereo-breaking young people will be inspired to go back to their campuses and fight for their values in a positive way.

Without organizations like Turning Point USA, the future of our country would be at stake as professors actively brainwash an entire generation, teaching solely about the magnificence of communism and big government. These passionate students will leave the event on Friday running full speed towards the frontlines to fight the Marxist thinking that’s flooding college campuses throughout the country.

“In this room are the leaders this country needs, not just right now, but in ten to fifteen years when you’re old enough to run. The people in this room are going to be leading this country and they should be,” Ben Shapiro told a crowd at Turning Point USA’s latest Young Women’s Leadership Summit; the same is true for the Student Action Summit.

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Devin Sena (@DevinSenaUI) is a Florida based photographer and journalist.