A threatening note taped to Nevada Sen. Dean Heller's campaign office said the writer would lose his insurance if the Republican lawmaker voted for a Senate health bill and the writer would kill the senator, according to a report.

The person who left the note said he would die if Heller voted for the bill, according to a report in the Nevada Independent. Heller, one of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents up for re-election next year, has not decided how he will vote.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said the note, which they would not discuss, was taped to Heller's office door at a federal building. His office was not burglarized, but the suspect did gain illegal access to the federal complex, the report said.

Heller and Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval have been concerned about the effect of the bill's proposed Medicaid cuts on the state. Sandoval was the first Republican governor to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.