Three Observations

1 Rookie corner Chase Minnifield performed well Tuesday and continues to look like a wise pickup. He went undrafted after having microfracture surgery on his knee in January, but he hasn't been limited in workouts. On Tuesday, he jumped a route and picked off Rex Grossman (throwing off his back foot). Minnifield also did an excellent job covering Pierre Garcon, jamming him at the line, turning and running step for step. Minnifield consistently holds his own against the starting receivers. He'll be worth watching this summer.

2 Quarterback Robert Griffin III does a nice job of staying poised in the pocket, resulting in patient throws and completions. He made a nice easy pitch-and-catch to Garcon on an out route. Griffin was relaxed on the throw. He also enabled Santana Moss to gain big yards after one catch by leading him away from the defenders and into an opening. On the play, Moss ran a crossing route vs. DeAngelo Hall, who was on the receiver's outside hip. Griffin threw back inside, Hall slipped as he planted and Moss turned it up for an easy score.

3 It's hard to say what sort of blocker Niles Paul will be as a tight end, but I'm not sure his transition will be that difficult. He has to know what the other linemen are doing on their blocks and how to play off them, but the rest comes down to competitiveness and that's where Paul excels. He did a nice job picking up a blitzing linebacker Tuesday, riding him out wide. The real test comes against starting quality linebackers and ends, which he'll face in the preseason. But Paul isn't afraid to engage them, and that's more than half the battle. As far as blocking in the stretch zone, it often comes down to quick feet and that's what he has.

- John Keim