Three in four Americans who watched President Trump's State of the Union on Tuesday approved of his inaugural address, according to a poll.

A quarter of those surveyed said they disapproved, per the CBS News survey.

Viewers also had favorable reactions to Trump's talking points on infrastructure, immigration, and national security, with a majority believing the policies mentioned would "help" them.

The results, however, should be read in light of a Republican-skew in the sample.

About 42 percent of the participants polled identified as Republicans, CBS News disclosed, in comparison to the network's latest national survey in which 24 percent aligned with the GOP.

For example, nine in 10 Republicans said that Trump's speech made them feel "proud," whereas more than half of the Democrats who tuned into the address said it caused them to be "angry."

The online poll was based on 1,178 interviews of people approached Jan. 29-30 and asked whether they planned to watch the State of the Union. Its findings have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.