How many bombs were there? I saw all over the news reports about cops finding three or five unexploded bombs. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says this isn’t true. “Only two bombs” were found, Patrick said at the Tuesday morning press conference. “There were no unexploded bombs,” Patrick emphasized. An ATF spokesman guessed that the rumors of extra bombs may have stemmed from officials finding other suspect packages. The answer: Apparently two.

How many people were killed? The New York Post, citing “a federal law enforcement source,” reported that there were “at least 12 dead.” No other reports confirm this, and Richard DesLauriers, head of the Boston office of the FBI, says three were killed. The answer: Apparently three, so far.

Is a suspect in custody? Again, the New York Post, citing “authorities,” has reported plenty of things about a Saudi national in the hospital, or whose house was searched. No law enforcement officials are confirming this on the record. But “no one is custody,” said Boston’s Police Commissioner Ed Davis at this morning’s press conference. On Monday, Davis, addressing one report, said “there is no suspect at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.” CBS News tweeted out a report that “video of possible suspect/person of interest is from behind & they’re looking at what direction he was coming from.” All the authorities at the 9:45 a.m. Tuesday press conference were asking for videos or photographs that might provide leads. Authorities generally refused to comment on “specific leads” that “might compromise our investigation.”  The answer: Apparently no.