The U.S. men's soccer team settles Tuesday evening into a beachfront hotel in Recife, Brazil, protected by some 700 local police officers, army troops and its own team of FBI agents, the Brazilian newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo reported.

Team officials had asked the city government to close part of the beach in front of their hotel, but were told that it was against Brazilian law. Still, local officials agreed to meet the team's security needs with a comprehensive, but discreet, police and army presence.

"The World Cup is a party, and the more police with shields and helmets on the streets, the more polluted the environment," a local police official told the daily.

The U.S. team plays Germany on Thursday in Recife in its final group game.

Security has been a high priority for the U.S. team in the tournament, though there's been no specific public threat to the safety of its members. It's one of seven that have received the highest level of protection from Brazilian officials, according to the Los Angeles Times.