Scott Swirling, former president and top lobbyist of the pro-choice, family planning advocacy group National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association, was arrested allegedly seeking to have sex with a 12-year-old girl being pimped out by her father.

Thankfully, there was no real 12-year-old girl or monstrous father in this case — they were all undercover DC cops and FBI agents. Scott McCabe at our crime page has the story.

Who is Swirling? He was executive director of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association, where he took the lead on a lawsuit arguing that it was unconstitutional to ban federal subsidies for abortion and abortion referrals. Earlier, Swirling was government affairs director — that is, chief lobbyist — of NFPRHA.

The group is something of a DC lobby for family-planning organizations including Planned Parenthood chapters.

Here are details from the charging documents:

Swirling answered an online advertisement on Monday that had been placed by a task force made up of D.C. police officers and FBI agents.

The detective wrote that he was a “taboo dad” with a “12-year-old girl, very perverted.”

Swirling, using the screen name “squiggles 12353,” responded, “Kindered [sic] spirts.”

Over several hours, the two men traded emails discussing their interests in underage girls and traded photos of young girls, including that of the detective’s purported 12-year-old daughter.

The undercover detective offered to have Swirling meet the girl in Northwest Washington after she got home from school.

Swirling agreed but backed off that evening. “I am sure you can imagine that I am a bit concerned about a sting,” he wrote.

He asked the detective to send another picture of his daughter, this time with her holding a piece of paper with his name and that day’s date so that he could be sure he was not being set up by police.

The law enforcement officer then emailed a photo of the purported child holding a piece of paper that read, “Hi Scott, January 8, see ya soon.”

Swirling then agreed to meet at the arranged location and was arrested when he showed up, court documents said.