Tim Gunn is coming to the District. The silver fox of "Project Runway" will emcee Chefs for Equality, a Human Rights Campaign event to raise money for marriage equality in Maryland on Oct. 24. Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is also confirmed to attend.

David Hagedorn, an activist and Washington Post columnist charged with organizing the event, told Yeas & Nays how the group landed Gunn. "We asked," he said simply. "The HRC has a very good relationship with Tim Gunn."

In addition to Gunn, the evening will feature more than 60 chefs, 15 mixologists, bakers, farmers, and live models. Hagedorn describes the event as "kind of wedding expo meets cocktail party meets fashion event." Bidding is ongoing for a lineup of five-course meals prepared by nine pairs of chefs (like Michel Richard and Bryan Voltaggio). The chefs will cook for the winners the night of the event.

After the event wraps up at the Ritz, Graffiato will host the after-party. No word on if Gunn will make it to that portion of the evening.

"I don't know, but we should try to make that work," Hagedorn said, borrowing Gunn's catchphrase. He paused. "And I have to try not to say that phrase to him all night long."