South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott doesn’t believe President Trump singles out minorities when he tweets about NFL players who don’t stand for the national anthem and the UCLA basketball players who were caught shoplifting in China.

When asked on ABC’s “This Week” if Trump is purposely going after black athletes with his criticisms because of some racial animus, Scott said Trump goes after people of all races who criticize him.

“I will tell you, from my perspective, the answer is no,” Scott said.

“The president is a good counterpuncher. He doesn't seem to discriminate from my perspective. He attacks anyone he perceives or believes is attacking him or the country, right or wrong,” he added.

Trump has been a critic for months of NFL players, ranging from the league en masse to individuals, for the civil rights protests that have seen black players take a knee during the national anthem. More recently, he’s been in a feud with Lavar Ball, father of LiAngelo Ball, who was arrested in China for shoplifting during a trip for a basketball tournament.

Trump has attacked Lavar Ball via Twitter for not being thankful enough that Trump intervened on his son’s behalf to free him from facing charges in China. Liangelo Ball, along with the other two UCLA players who were also arrested, thanked Trump shortly after his release.