Chris Jennings left the Clinton White House and started a lobbying firm. The firm and Jennings lobbied on behalf of drugmakers and hospitals during the Affordable Care Act debates, and then deregistered as a lobbying firm.

This week, the White House will announce that Jennings is coming on board as “health policy coordinator and strategist,” to try to aid the faltering Obamacare implementation.

The New York Times has the story. An interesting detail:

In 2001, he established a lobbying and consulting concern, Jennings Policy Strategies. Current and former clients include the A.F.L.-C.I.O., the Bipartisan Policy Center, the Federation of American Hospitals, General Motors and the Generic Pharmaceutical Association.

Mr. Jennings was a registered lobbyist, but has not been one for a couple of years, so he would not have to worry about Obama administration restrictions on lobbyists joining the government.